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26 September 2010 @ 09:18 am
Random Helping #113: See you in 2 years' time, my 2 lovelies  
No, I'm not going anywhere, lolz. XD

I've been meaning to post this since last week but college kept eating my time so I thought I'd blog about it today.

Saturday, September 18th 2010 marked the day I bid farewell to 2 of my school friends, Syairah and Farah, because they're pursuing their Biotechnology studies in California, US. It was all giggles and jokes but it got pretty "wet" as the time of our parting got nearer.

That's Syai; the girl on the right. We've been friends for 7 years now and I'm already missing her and our late-night chats and also our fangirling sessions.

I hitched a ride with Naqiah, a long-time childhood friend, along with 2 other friends of mine; Munirah and Diyanah. We reached the airport on time and it was pretty funny when Syai sent an SOS text message as I got on the escalator to meet her. The text said, "OMG HE'S HERE!! WHERE ARE YOU?? HELLPPP!" (well okay, she didn't say EXACTLY like that) Remember that stalker I talked about last time, in my previous entries? Well... yeah, he showed up and was getting along great with my friend's parents. As soon as I approached her, she scuttled by my side and whispered, "THAT'S the guy I mentioned. He's been here since FOREVER!"

What's more, she was absolutely surprised to see the guy when she got to the airport that morning because the guy arrived earlier than she did. And also because she didn't tell him anything about her flight that afternoon. Syai's parents simply assumed that he must've been her college friend and didn't suspect anything. Poor girl. ;o; I finally knew what my friend meant when she said, "He behaves like one of those Japanese otaku, you know? Shy, awkward around people and all?" As I was talking to 2 of my friends, he crept slowly in between us; but slightly distant. We stopped talking altogether.

"Yes?" I inquired.
"Y-You're Syai's friend, aren't you? I s-saw you with her at that Toys Festival," he said, slightly fidgeting.
"Uh-huuuuuuhh...." I said slowly, cuz I really have no idea what else am I supposed to talk to him.
"Oh so you were there?" I pretended not to know about it and asked anyway.
"Y-Yeah, I was. And I saw the two of you there. Syai was cosplaying as Nagato Yuki (an anime character from Haruhi Suzumiya anime series)" he said (for confirmation? Idk)
"Ohhh okayyy," I nodded slowly and exchanged glances with Diyanah who was standing by.
And then I pretended to be busy talking with Diyanah and he left.

It was hours after that that I began to regret being such a bitch to that guy. He was trying to be nice and I kept wanting to brush him off. But then, I really don't know how else I was supposed to act especially when I learned that he made my friend uncomfortable with some of his actions. =/

Putting that aside, those who came to see Farah and Syai off (mainly those who went to the same high school; boys and girls alike) posed for a bunch of group photos:

From left to right: Farah, Diyanah, Me, Syai

Those who used to study at the same high school

Syai's mum was so worried about all of the heavy loads that Syai was supposed to carry. It can't really be seen from this picture but she was also wearing a backpack and was carrying a bag containing her laptop; as well as another bag containing souvenirs from all of us. Oh and not to mention another white bag slung across her chest containing her precious belongings such as passport, cellphone, and her wallet. Heavy load, indeed

Shortly after our photo session, both Syai and Farah then left for a short speech by their facilitators and when the speech ended, we began to exchange long, tight hugs. And that's when I began sobbing uncontrollably (thank you, waterproof-mascara). I mean, most of my friends had tears flooding their eyes but my tears were already running down my cheeks in torrents. It was embarrassing when Syai told me, "Oh Sarah, don't cry la!" as I was hugging her. She was the one who was about to depart and yet, there I was, crying like there was no tomorrow.

But. I wasn't the only one crying. Farah was sobbing hard too.

I really find this photo beautiful, for some reason. It's probably because of the sentimental values behind it. Oh and the girl on the left is Ratna, a friend from school.

She managed to stop crying but when we reached the section that separated the visitors from that section leading to the departure hall, she started to cry again. So did I. I gave her a tight squeeze before she entered the hall. Syai was long gone before I could give exchange a second hug with her. That girl must've been so eager to leave Malaysia, I tell you. XD

We shouted final goodbyes from above (cuz they had to go downstairs to get to the immigration and THEN towards the departure hall)

That's... basically it. And then I went for lunch with Naqiah, Elsa, Diyanah, and the rest cuz we got pretty hungry after all of that crying and sobbing. :P

I felt really sad to see them go, especially Syai. I'm especially close to Syai. It's ironic, actually. 12 years ago, when both of us were 8-year-olds and were in the same class, I used to bully her. A lot. There was a time a friend and I even made her cry. (Yeah, I know, I was a big bully then, but I got what I deserved years after that, haha) 5 years after that, when we were in junior high, fate has it that we were in the same class again and that was when I became friends with her and got pretty close. We shared the problems we had and even fangirled about Keanu Reeves and Freddie Prinze Jr. back then. XD Life works in mysterious ways, I tell you. I never thought that enemies can be best friends and best friends can be enemies (yeah, this happened to me too; I told you it's karma) and it makes me feel great that I'm alive and have met these wonderful people.

Thank you, God.

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❥ k o k i f i e d: MJ → take a bowkokified on September 27th, 2010 01:15 am (UTC)
All the best to both of your friends :) They sound like great friends :D

It’s never easy to say goodbye to your friends, but true friendship would overcome anything :) so don’t bed sad bb *huggles*

Whenever you’re sad, just remember this.. “We live under the same sky.. so we can never get too far” (I stole that from my friend by the way XD I think it’s really sweet..).
M r  P i k o l o ✖✖✖: MJ → chucklesmrpikolo on September 27th, 2010 01:18 am (UTC)
Whoops, I didn’t realize that I logged in to my old account.. lol. I was indulging myself with some fandom goodness ahahaha. I don’t currently have some of the communities in my new account. Moving account is a pain, I’m telling you XD

Sorry for the randomness ahaha :D
Cerra: Arashi - Neen is a hot geekcerraazizi on September 27th, 2010 02:29 am (UTC)
They're awesome friends alright, especially the one named Syai. :) And I love that quote! It actually reminds me of a line from Arashi's "5x10" song. Like, "I'm staring into the sky and wondering if you're looking at it too". ♥♥
ivyluvicecreamivyluvicecream on September 29th, 2010 09:26 am (UTC)
wah , for sure will be proud to have someone like a friend asister...=)
Cerra: Arashi - Dorky Ohnocerraazizi on September 29th, 2010 09:29 am (UTC)
Lolz, eh? Maksud u?
ミ haru-chan ☆: Sho-chan // picture perfect  =)ashiya90 on September 29th, 2010 11:22 am (UTC)
a................creepy guy is creepy..
dia penah sembang dgn laki tu ke x??
gler menakutkan..huhu..
agak2 dia minat haruhi suzumiya then by coincidence your friend cosplay haruhi pulak,
tu yg tersangkut kt kwn u tu.. huhu

best ah kwn u pergi study kt luar negara..
but i xnak kt us xDDDD Japan all the way :DDDD
Cerra: Arashi - Sho HAR!?cerraazizi on September 29th, 2010 03:49 pm (UTC)
bukan takat sembang, penah kuar bukak puasa ngan mamat tu. but the thing is, supposedly kuar ramai2 and his friends were supposed to come along tp mamat tu ckp, last2 minit kawan2 die sume x dpt dtg so tggl la diorang berdua. and, mamat tu minat nagato yuki. kebetulan plak kat msia ni x ramai yg cosplay as nagato yuki. dah la my friend ni comel org dia kan, so bila dia cosplay tu, i think die trus jatuh syok kt my friend. tp tu la, i x rasa dia syok kt kwn i; die cuma syok sebab my friend berjaya bawak watak nagato yuki tuh.

hahah, yessss!!! tp siap laaa dgn kos kehidupan yg super-duper tinggi kat sana!
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