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Baby, 知りたくない?

I'm a lot more peculiar than you think


cerra's brief bio


Full Name: Ask if you're THAT curious. But I don't guarantee a reply. Haha.

More amiable with: Cerra, Hitomi, Sarah

Birthday: December 4th 1990

Blood type: Same as Tegoshi's. *winks*

Other trivias:

♫ Has a 1/4 Chinese and 1/4 Bugis blood running in her veins. Both Chinese/Bugis were from her mother's great-great-great grandmother's side.

♫ Hates touch-screen phones because she finds it hard to type a text message when she's in a rush. Tried that out on her friend's iPhone.

♫ Loves soft, pastel colours. But her current addiction is anything green. :3

♫ Is very much into pop music --mostly ones that are usually deemed as "cheesy"-- by bands or singers that most people would dislike. |D

♫ Fell in love with that guy who donned the red pants in the "truth" PV and has made him her ichiban as of October 7th, 2008.


It all started with NEWS. First of all, early 2007, I had absolutely no interest in JE boys, boybands, actors and ikemen and stuff like that. I was so into anime and mangas that time I couldn't even care less about these fandoms which I'm currently obsessed with. Sure, I do watch dramas back then but somehow I wasn't attracted to them. At first.
Until Reiko-senpai or massu89 introduced me to NEWS. Honestly speaking, I do know about these bands; it's just that I wasn't very much into them circa 2006. Or the year before. Until she kept on spamming my MySpace page with NEWS' latest videos, songs and picspams. xDDDD Yeah, it started with that. She would tell me all the funny stories and facts about each of NEWS member (and even helped me remember their names, lol! Thanks, senpai! 8D) and soon after, her NEWS obsession began to rub off on me as well!

And from that onwards, my obsession started to expand. After getting to know NEWS, I became obsessed about KAT-TUN next. How did it started? Simple. That one particular day, I had absolutely nothing to do and was SO bored that I kept refreshing my MySpace homepage for 10 times straight. xD Until, I remembered reading somewhere about "Cartoon KAT-TUN". Well, more like saw a sentence of it. I was so curious as to what it was. Honestly? I thought Cartoon KAT-TUN was an anime series about them or something. xDD Stupid, I know. So, I Wiki'd about CTKT and that's how I got to know that CTKT is actually a variety/talk show; and NOT an anime series. OTL What intrigued me the most was the guest list; coz I noticed that they even invited some of the famous international stars on their show like Rihanna and such! Impressed by that, I started watching CTKT for the first time. And got addicted to it after noticing how hilarious the show is. From that onwards, I scoured every single websites I could find and downloaded as much songs as I could get my greedy hands on that time. My obsession for them grew day by day then. That's how my obsession for KAT-TUN started.

And now, Arashi. *squeals* I already heard about this band when I first watched Hana Yori Dango early 2007. I was so in love with the drama's theme, "Wish", then! But that's about it; I only listened to their song. The real obsession began when I "stalked" Haru-chan's (ashiya90) MySpace page and saw the "truth" PV on her page. I listened to the first few seconds of the song before I sent a caps-abused comment on her page. x3333 (Yes, hun, I truly thank you for putting that video on your page and responsible for my Arashi-obsession. xDDD) I couldn't believe that it was Arashi who sang that song coz most of the their songs I've listened to (at that time) were all, well, "happy-go-lucky" type so when I listened to "truth", I had a bit of a shock. But in a good way. :) And yes, you could say that I'm a pretty recent Arashi fan. But truth be told, Arashi is my current fandom as of late. My ichiban is Aiba-chan and yes, I'm still nuts about "truth" until today.


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